2015-2016 SoMaS Team Mathematics Challenge

You can browse this year's problems below or view the download/print the PDF copy of problems. You can browse past years problems and solutions here.

Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Problem 4 Problem 5 Problem 6 Problem 7

Judges: James Cranch, Madeleine Jotz Lean, Jayanta Manoharmayum, and Fionntan Roukema.

O.B.S. prize: (overall best submission) Cos(i rule) (Kyriacos Georgiades)

M.V.S. prize: (most valuable solution) Robbit the Hobbit (Rob Nicolaides) for Question 6.

Honourable mentions: Calculo ergo sum (Jonny Atkinson), Diamond Knights (Hanye Zhu, Yifan Jiang, Hanlin Yue), Gergely Bodo, KEXIXIWAZI (YiTian Yang (tony), Haoran Xue (Rick), Quan Sun, Kexin LI), Oscillating Wildly (Vinh Vu, Sam Lomax, Umang Metha, Tom Galvin, Danny Heard), Heptadecagon (Tom Bennett), Kaiwen Zhang, Rebecca Pickstock.

Best team name: Calculo ergo sum (Jonny Atkinson)

Best interdisciplinary team: Oscillating Wildly (Vinh Vu (Aerospace engineering 2nd year), Sam Lomax (Mechanical engineering 2nd year), Umang Metha (Aerospace engineering 2nd year), Tom Galvin (Theoretical physics 2nd year), Danny Heard (Computer science 2nd year)).