SoMaS challenge
The SoMaS Take Home Team Mathematics Challenge

About this challenge

The challenge is a take home team event that consists of a collection of interesting problems suggested by members of staff. These are challenging problems (some much more than others). You should feel proud if you can work out (part of) the solution to any of these problems. Above all, if you engage with the SoMaS challenge we want you to enjoy yourself! So, your submissions don't need to be close to complete; you are absolutely welcome to tell us anything you like about the problems that you felt were interesting or enjoyable! These observations can include, but are not restricted to, (partial) solutions, special cases, humorous remarks, and generalisations or variations of the problems. Every year, submissions delight, entertain and surprise us, and we hope that we can keep this good culture going.

This challenge is a open to all University of Sheffield undergraduates. Your teams can be large and diverse or just be. You can find the 2018-19 problems and challenge details here.

  • To register a team please email Fionntan Roukema ( before Friday the 2nd of November. Your email should include your team's name and a complete list of your team's members.
  • With the permission of the relevant team, our favourite answers will be posted on this website.
  • There will be a variety of prizes and awards for people who enter. There will be prizes for the best overall submission, the most valuable solution to a problem, the best team name, and for honourable mentions.
  • Please submit your submissions by emailing Fionntan Roukema ( before Friday the 2nd of November.

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