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SoMaS' Undergraduate Pizza Seminar

General information:

Since the 2015/16 academic year, SoMaS has been running an undergraduate pizza seminar series. The seminars introduce undergraduates to novel mathematics through a research style seminars covering a broad spectrum of content ranging all the way from classical mathematical stories that don't appear on the syllabus all the way to our own academic's cutting edge mathematical research. The seminars aim to be friendly, inclusive, and very informal; a good slice of the time is spent eating pizza!

This year the undergraduate Pizza Seminar is organised by Evgeny Shinder and Fionntan Roukema, and funded by the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Next talk:

Irrational & Transcendental Numbers: The Who, What & Why by Lewis Combes, on Friday the 13th of December at 17:00 in Hicks Lecture Theatre LT7.


The study of irrational and transcendental numbers forms a particularly odd branch of mathematics, concerned with understanding numbers that are specifically defined by their otherness. In this respect they are necessarily mysterious, as we can only study them in terms of what they are not. In this talk, I will introduce some familiar numbers and talk about the proofs that established their irrationality, before moving on to discuss some important results in the theory of algebraic and transcendental numbers.

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