2013-2014 Team Mathematics Challenge

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Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Problem 4 Problem 5

Judges: James Cranch, Jayanta Manoharmayum, and Fionntan Roukema.

O.B.S. prize: (overall best submission) Chums (Sam Baker, James Hesltine).

M.V.S. prize: (most valuable solution) Hobbit and Hercules (Lawrence Beesely-Peck, Robert Nicolaides).

Honourable mentions: Billy Smells (William Thurley, Rhys Munden, Sam Watson, Jordan Williamson), the Mathemagicians (Dan Graves, Ben Patey), One Man Army (Okigbo Aghaji), \(\pi\eta\) (Sam Mutter).

Best team name: \(\pi\eta\) (Sam Mutter).

You can browse past years problems and solutions here.